Shallow Alto


Another name for Palo Alto, denoting how shallow and superficial many (but not all) of it's inhabitants are.

Winston: Stanford is so much better than Cal. We're higher ranked and our football team actually wins games. The people who go to your school are plebeians.

Steve: Oh yeah! Well...

Winston: I like how your school spends so much of my taxpayer money on that pathetic group of children you call a football team. Your stadium can't cover up how much they suck.

Steve: Just get outta here man. Go back to Shallow Alto. We got heart here.

Winston: Sleeping on the floor and smoking weed all day doesn't mean you guys have heart.

Steve: Get back to Shallow ALTO man!!! Just because we don't get sexually aroused every time we see someone driving a nice car, pay higher prices for shitty property, and judge others solely for their wealth and education doesn't make us any worse.

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