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    Customer churn

    Customer churn refers to when a customer (player, subscriber, user, etc.) ceases his or her relationship with a company. Online businesses typically treat a customer as churned once a particular amount of time has elapsed since the customer's last interaction with the site or service.

    Sky customer services uses a newer and far more accurate approach to customer churn prediction: at the core of Sky’s ability to accurately predict which customers will churn is a unique method of calculating customer lifetime value for each and every customer. - http://qwikfix.co.uk/sky-customer-services/

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      We need a word for marketing through svdictionary definitions

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    An individual so utterly loyal to a particular operating system or platform that they have achieved a state of religious zeal. Microserfs typically drool in response to a rigged demo.

    Dave: How did it go over at the DMV, are they interested?
    Larry: No good, their guy Tom says they don't "believe" in Open Source. Says they want us to do it in Silverlight.
    Steve: They're all a bunch of microserfs over there!

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      a strong guy

      John is very mshebere nowdays

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        Dogecoin Miner

        Someone whose often delusioned, that spends immense time mining dogecoins all day

        Clark is a dogecoin miner. He thinks that one day all his dogecoins will be worth thousands of dollars.

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          The lights are blinkenflashen but nobody’s home. This is usually applied to a vacant person who has no clue, with no clue that they have no clue. Named after a server response code issued when you try to visit a webpage that simply isn’t there.

          Did you see Tom's last tweet? He clearly thinks UX stands for Undeniable Expert. What a 404!

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            -standing for Consumer.Electronics.Show; the seemingly infinitely distant convention that Pied Piper will get to by season 5.

            Jared: Even with 5 billion in funding we will only make it till 24 weeks before CES.

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              Open work space

              We cannot afford real office furniture.

              Our teams work in an open work space.

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                LAN Party Mole

                The person at your LAN party who uses a ridiculous portion of the bandwidth preventing everyone from playing the game they agreed to gather for.

                I can't solo-mid with this much lag, I think Lewis is the LAN Mole. His bandwidth is over 9000

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                  Google's parking lot during commute hours.

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                    means x

                    check this out

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