Ephemeral Messaging

Normally refers to modern chat services that delete the conversation users have between one another at some point in time.

I love ephemeral messaging services because I never have to feel conscious about how much I curse.

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    Leaning In

    When someone flamboyantly promotes and espouses feminism in an attempt to get laid.

    Jonathan if you want to get women to like you, stop being such a pretentious asshole and start leaning in for once.

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    For Profit Do Good

    A company that works to raise money for charitable causes, but is also a business that produces revenue. This is not incorporated as a Non-Profit organization.


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      Fireside Chat

      A Silicon Valley ritual/circlejerk in which someone somewhat successful gets asked questions by a young upstart you never end up hearing from again.

      Just spent my day attending fireside chat's in SF. I feel so motivated now I'm gonna play 20 hours of League of Legends.

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      Family Layway Weekend

      When an entrepreneur spends a weekend with his family mostly because they haven't seen from him or her in weeks. The entrepreneur spends 85% of this time checking his or her phone for updates.

      Ken decided to go on a family layaway weekend because his Mom's birthday was coming up. He told him mom happy birthday and sat in the corner the rest of the time checking his phone. His family was just happy to see him.

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        Wung It

        Coming up with stuff on the spot usually to one's success. Another of saying winged it.

        Julie: How did the meeting go?

        Arlan: Didn't really prepare, I wung it and landed the deal.

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          Up and to the Right

          An incredible growth curve in your business metrics. Also known as a Hockey Stick curve.

          Squeeze the X-axis until your growth curve is Up and to the Right.

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            Developing for Ghosts

            Making stuff for people who may or may not exist.

            As a potential investor for his company, I can't tell if Stevie is making something for people in need or he's just guessing by developing for ghosts

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              High margins

              Eric ditched his chat app to build a SAAS site instead.

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                The Algorithm Exit

                Ending an argument or justifying an explanation by claiming one's algorithm is superior without any sort of justification of said algorithm. Often used in Hollywood produced films.

                After getting in a 2 hour argument on whose product was better, Jeremy screamed that his algorithm was superior making an algorithm exit, shutting the door behind him.

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                  Malware Engineer

                  An asshole software engineer who creates malware (programs that attack your computer to display advertisements and unwanted pop ups).

                  Satish: One of my students was a malware engineer who installed malware on my computer after emailing me his homework. Now whenever I plug my Mac into the projector during lecture, Live Jasmine popups keep showing up.

                  Ryan: Uhh...that's because you have this tab open right here on chrome.

                  Satish: You weren't supposed to see that.

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                    A simple, often paper version of a very early prototype built in less than a day to help a startup team actualize their idea without spending a lot of time noodling on the "what ifs" and "how might we" questions.

                    Okay, let's pretotype these 3 ideas today so we can focus on one of them by the end of the week.

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                      VP Of Product

                      Overseas the vision of the product. Communicates between the C Level executives and the engineering heads to develop a product consistent with the company's values.

                      Ryan got promoted to VP of Product and now spends most of his time in meetings with the CTO trying to hammer out reasonable trajectories for the company.

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                        A startup that is valued at $1 billion dollars or more

                        Chris: We need to raise more money so our valuation will rise and so Techcrunch will add us to their startup unicorn list

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                          The Silicon Valley Shake

                          A choreographed dance entrepreneurs do in their favorite online video game after reaching major milestones in their company. Doing a dance in real life is many instances is far too awkward.

                          After being acquired by Twitter, Jack along with the founding team simultaneously logged onto League of Legends, typed in the /dance command together, and broadcasted it on Twitch.

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                            Techie Scum

                            A term often used when trying to angrily describe software engineers or people who work at software companies.

                            This term is usually coupled with stereotypes such as wearing a hoodie, consuming kale, drinking Philz or Bluebottle coffee, rimmed glasses, gentrification, etc.

                            Lewis: My rent is going up by 500$ this year. What in the fuck is happening.

                            Ray: It's because of the horde of techie scum that's moved in this month.

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                              Blackhat Developer

                              One who uses his or her knowledge as a developer to do illegal or questionably moral tasks.

                              Julius is a blackhat developer who hacks into people's emails at Starbucks looking for nude photos because that's the only thing that turns him on. Nobody at work likes him or uses the wifi when he is around.

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                                In a medium-sized and growing company, Agile can be a learning experience for everyone.

                                BigCo managers learn what it's like to ship tiny things instead of meeting about big things.
                                Software engineers learn what it's like to have parental supervision.
                                Early employees learn how to quit while they're ahead.

                                Manager: "We will remove obstacles from your workflow and refrain from micromanagement."
                                Engineer: "We will regularly estimate our stories and log our work."
                                Engineer: "Wait a minute, where's Early Employee?"

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                                  Startup Marketing Intern

                                  Free labor for early stage startups that normally do data entry and social media related work. They don't normally get paid but want a job for the summer so are willing to do whatever to add to their embarrassingly empty LinkedIn page.

                                  Jack: Holy shit Max! You're company is huge. You already have 9 people here.

                                  Paul: Don't be too impressed Jack. 7 of them are unpaid marketing interns.

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                                  a company that is valued at over ten billion dollars before its IPO. Like a unicorn but presumably with ten horns

                                  "Dude we can be talking about the d-words here!"
                                  "No! Decacorn"

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