MBP (aka MacBook Pro)

High end backup battery charger for iPhone. Also can be used to browse web super-fast. Insurance for those who may one day need to render and edit their blockbuster film although likely, Apple will have introduced a much better machine by then.


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    Unapologetically Plastic

    Almost every tech billionaire in Silicon Valley.

    Jony Ive, Travis Kalanick, Evan Spiegel, Eric Schmidt et al.

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      Hype Parasite App

      When an app developer sees an app getting a ton of downloads and attention on the App Store and decides to make a copy cat version of the app to ride on the hype train.

      Flappy Bird apps, 2048 apps, Pokemon GO tracker apps

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        Andrew Andrade

        Canada's co-op (intern) student of the year.

        Andrew: "Oh man, I wish I was Andrew Andrade"
        Not Andrew: "That's such an Andrew Andrade way of thinking"

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          This must be Andrew then?

          almost 9 years ago
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          Nope, not me. Either one of my bros, one of the members of my hate club, one of the members of my fan club, but most likely some weird combo of all three.

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        A word that describes behavior that is only offensive to people in Silicon Valley or elite colleges. If someone accuses your behavior of being problematic you are likely to be fired or get written up for an HR violation if you work at a tech company.

        The fact that Kamdesh only eats pasta in the company cafeteria and the fact that he only dates Italian women is problematic because he is appropriating European culture and is sexist against Indian women in his dating preferences.

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          A giant tech corporate founded and headed by Gavin Belson. A company that gets into a legal dispute with Pied Pier for copyright infringement.
          It can also be used interchangeably for fu**ing things up all the time.

          Zeeshan: how did your exams go?
          Matt: Man, I hoolied it up again! I gotta study harder next time.

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            Anything that you can either read or understand from any one or more of your senses (hearing or sight, but usually not smell or touch).

            Q: How can I create great content?
            A: Well you could write something.
            Q: That's not good enough, I want it to be more interesting.
            A: I have an idea, record your voice and make a podcast.
            Q: That's much better.

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              Full stack engineer

              We want to hire you to work on all parts of the stack because we cannot afford specialized engineers for the different technical stack pieces and feel it's better to start the stack being sub-par instead of having expertise in each stack layer.

              We are looking for a full-stack engineering to join our start-up, the next Google!

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                Linux Minters

                Engineers whose preference in OS is the Linux Mint operating system. They are irrationally smart and work so fast that they are said to literally mint code like machines.

                Jeremy is a Linux Minter who refused to use the Macbook Pro his office gave him, and instead uses his PC that has a vanilla version of Linux Mint installed.

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                  Meat Dog

                  A dog that you can eat. Also a person who kept saying meat dog to his friend who got a Facebook offer and was later laughed at.
                  Meat Dog is also known as Donut, Donald, Z.K etc. He got a 4.3 GPA and is one of the smartest people at a college located in Ithaca,NY
                  Meat Dog is a lazy TA, but a professor here loves him. Huh?
                  Meat Dog won Cache War with his partner Papa Kuo in 2k17.

                  "Meat Dog, you are a piece of shit!"
                  "Meat Dog, can we have dinner at DeTasty at 4:30?"
                  "Exclamation Mark!"

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                    Problem Observer

                    A shitier version of a problem solver. A problem observer is a person who points out obstacles (even if they are incredibly obvious) offers no solution, and feels really good about themselves. They tend to end up working at a big company for the rest of their lives.

                    Mark was a problem solver that started facebook and dropped out of Harvard. Roy was a problem observer that has a PhD from Stanford and works at Yahoo.

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                      Simply Scheming

                      Trying to impress a future employer by referencing knowledge in Lisp (a programming language with a horrendous amount of parenthesis) that is mostly only taught at MIT and UC Berkeley. Simply Scheme is also the title to a textbook written by Brian Harvey (MIT alum and tenured Berkeley professor).

                      Fred simply schemed his way out of the first round interviews making his interviewer feel incompetent by his lack of knowledge in Lisp.

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                      • freefunctor freefunctor

                        This is taught heavily at Waterloo as well (although there is a fair bit of Haskell as well). Elegant weapons, for a more civilized world.

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                      A period of time in which a person or group of people spend their time fracking.

                      James: Noah is off going off the radar this weekend to join his friends in Houston for a frackathon.
                      Winston: What a weird guy.

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                        Uber Fast Food

                        When you are hungry during a Uber ride so you tell your driver to go through Mcdonald's drive-through.

                        Matt: "Honestly, getting Uber Fast Food isn't so bad. It is a little awkward for the Mcdonald's employee to see your driver trying to align the backseat window with the drive-through window so you can pay . Of course if a friend sees you it's also a little embarrassing but that's it."

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                          A girl residing in Menlo Park.

                          Iris just got a Facebook interview!

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                            Cal (aka Berkeley, aka Not-Stanford)

                            Harvard: Stanford of East Coast.

                            Stanford: For students who could not get into Cal.

                            Cal: Letting Stanford dropouts and graduates pursue all the billion dollar ideas because it was never about the money.


                            Cal: Yeah, you have rich parents.

                            Stanford: At least we got in.

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                              The Shell Dilemma

                              When your startup reaches the point where you only have engineers on your team, all of which become a hollow unexciting shell of themselves in the board room. This is when you end up having to compromise and add your first non-technical founder because he is an incredible orator and can represent the product you built better than anyone on your team can.

                              On the Silicon Valley TV show, Richard faces the shell dilemma when he finds he cannot pitch his idea without sweating profusely and messing up. He seeks help from his friend Erlich Bachman afterward to save him.

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                                Dressing the part

                                When an engineer that normally wears contact lenses puts on glasses for a job interview or pitch meeting.

                                See http://svdictionary.com/words/software-engineer-uniform

                                Jennifer: You seriously think wearing glasses is going to help you get funded?
                                David: It's called dressing the part and it works so stop talking.

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                                  Product/market fit

                                  Conversation starter.

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                                    Creating underground sub-communities within larger social sites (such as Reddit). Vile, nasty, unsavory and questionable content is then pumped into these underground sub-communities. The goal is to either bring legions of impressionable, immature people to their cause (such as misogyny for the purpose of taking out Hillary Clinton - much like the Tea Party's hatred of blacks), or to simply create an earthquake that brings down Internet communities. The goal here is to abuse so-called "free speech" rights to the point of destruction of the host.

                                    Since President Obama faced no more elections, the conservative/libertarian weirdos fracking Reddit with racism, now switched to misogyny by using Ellen Pao as a proxy for Hillary Clinton.

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