Irreplaceability Tipping Point

The point in one's career in which being kept on the payroll, will costs less than firing and hiring someone to fill that same job. This is typically used to refer to engineers who've shipped a sizable amount of code making it an extreme pain to fire them and teach someone old code left by another author.

Jack: You went to Yale, you should start your own company.
Zeerek: Nah, as the lead engineer and part time PM on the Microsoft Bing team, I am slowly reaching the irreplaceablity tipping point of my career, in which I'll be able to show up, do minimal work, and laugh my way to the bank until I'm old and decrepit.
Jack: I don't know whether you're lazy or incredibly smart.
Zeerek: I like to think I'm both.

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FOMO = an acronym for "Fear of Missing Out"

The team was exhausted from attending/pitching at multiple conferences during the same week, but pressed on- motivated by FOMO that their dream angel investor might be present.

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    So many events to attend....so many clients to find...

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Jack Dorsey

Founder of Square and Twitter. He reads alot of books on self-improvement and tries to build a zen-like culture within the work place like a poor man's Phil Jackson.

Jack Dorsey made us hold hands after the meeting today in a circle. It was awkward because I hear Stacy doesn't wash her hands after going to the bathroom.

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    The default answer lazy software engineers give to their non-techinical friends, when asked what the best way to learn how to code is.

    Jimmy: You're such a good programmer. I want to learn how to code, but already have this Haas degree and can't go back to college. What can I do to learn today?

    Bobby: I don't know man, google it. I hear Codecademy is a thing. I just want to go back to playing DOTA.

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      Also known as "The Internet".

      Bill: "I'm currently working in Cloud-Based Employment Solutions Research."
      Ted: "Are you looking for a job on Craigslist?"
      Bill: "....yes."

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        This word's roots comes from the number 1,000,000,000. Which has 3 commas. TresCommas is a club that was formed by billionaires. The word is a hybrid of Spanish and English. "Tres" meaning three (3), and Commas meaning, well, commas ",". The only way to be inducted into the TresCommas Club is to have a net worth of at least 1 billion dollars. Correct usage of the word requires an inter-cap spelling, both the "T" and "C" should always be capitalized to further emphasize what it denotes. Should a club member's net worth fall below TresCommas, membership status is instantly revoked. Members are easy to spot in SV because the cars they drive have Billionaire Doors. TresCommas is also a brand of Tequila, which is only available to members of the TresCommas club.

        I'm in the TresCommas club and have the Tequila to prove it.

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          Big 4

          For a software engineer this generally refers to Amazon, Facebook, Google and Microsoft.

          If I don't get into a Big 4 my life is over. They are so prestigious

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            A student pursuing an undergraduate, Masters, or PhD degree from UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business.

            I don't know whether to add Derrick to our Hackathon team. He's just a Haashole who tries too hard and doesn't understand how anything works. He's a great bullshiter though so maybe he would be useful for the presentation.

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              That's Startup Life

              The default response whenever someone talks about how shitty being an entrepreneur is.

              Kim: I've been working for the past 15 hours, can't afford anything but Taco Bell and investors are telling me they want to circle back in a few months. We all know what that means. This sucks.
              Matthew: That's startup life. What do you expect?

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                The Five Dollar Footlong Lean Startup Diet

                When a startup founder lives off of five dollar foot long sandwiches to save money for his or her early stage venture. They buy a single five dollar foot long subway sandwich, eat half of it in the afternoon and the other half at dinner.

                Since Julius is on the five dollar day long diet, he only eats footlong subway sandwiches everyday to conserve his companies startup money. It's kind of sad.

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                Anyone who use personal computers only for writing, just like a typewriter machine.

                "Do you think he can upload these on the website?"
                "Nah, he's just a worder!"

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                  A startup uses this word when it's no longer a startup

                  "Hey congrats on the series B!"
                  "Thanks! Are your deliverables in yet?"

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                  Facebook Reach

                  Facebook reach is the number of people that see posts from Facebook pages. Organic Facebook reach has dropped since Facebook made changes to their feed algorithm to encourage companies to buy ads promoting page posts.

                  It's almost pointless for our startup to promote our Facebook page because we will have to pay to get any Facebook reach.

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                  Some sad-sack SME client who agrees to QA your shitty, half-built, poorly-coded, likely useless, new product or functionality.

                  See also: Pivot http://svdictionary.com/words/pivot

                  "So you're telling me... you want to dabble outside your core business without any clear plan nor the requisite skills and use my firm as your free QA Beta-Pig? No goddamn way. Oh you won't charge us? Why didn't you say so? I'll pull our dev team off current OKRs to take advantage of this incredible opportunity. Thank you so much for thinking of us."

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                    Using a productivity tool called Slack to get work done or communicate with one's team. This can easily be confused to mean "not doing one's work."

                    Jack: You've been getting alot done.

                    James: Yeah man, I've been slacking all day.

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                      VC Money

                      Modern day Robinhood.
                      Taking money from your parent's retirement pension and redistributing it to early adopters of technology in Silicon Valley.

                      Friend 1: "How do you have so many free meals from Munchery? Have you ever paid for a single meal?"
                      Friend 2: "Nope. VC Money"

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                        Supporting a cause in the laziest way possible, usually on social media. You feel like you're helping without getting out of your chair.

                        "I see in my feed you retweeted every single ice bucket challenge video. You should get an award for your slacktivism."

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                          this one's great

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                          Thought this could be on Slack which would make audience even smaller. "I've done my part in the movement since I discussed it in my private Slack group."

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                        Snack Dick

                        Like a regular dick but smaller and tucked behind the ear. Used by Dinesh on Silicon Valley to describe Pied Piper's logo


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                          Technical Social Media Manager

                          Somebody who in addition to being able to retweet and favorite tweets mentioning their company's name also knows basic HTML.

                          I've managed to carve a nice niche for myself by learning how to bold text using html

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                            A mythical land where MBAs come into our world.

                            "I just left McKinsey and moved to San Francisco"

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