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Added by seofortech seofortech almost 5 years ago


    Dogecoin Miner

    Someone whose often delusioned, that spends immense time mining dogecoins all day

    Clark is a dogecoin miner. He thinks that one day all his dogecoins will be worth thousands of dollars.

    Added by yungsnuggie yungsnuggie over 5 years ago


      Customer churn

      Customer churn refers to when a customer (player, subscriber, user, etc.) ceases his or her relationship with a company. Online businesses typically treat a customer as churned once a particular amount of time has elapsed since the customer's last interaction with the site or service.

      Sky customer services uses a newer and far more accurate approach to customer churn prediction: at the core of Sky’s ability to accurately predict which customers will churn is a unique method of calculating customer lifetime value for each and every customer. - http://qwikfix.co.uk/sky-customer-services/

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      • zazpowered zazpowered

        We need a word for marketing through svdictionary definitions

        almost 5 years ago


      An individual so utterly loyal to a particular operating system or platform that they have achieved a state of religious zeal. Microserfs typically drool in response to a rigged demo.

      Dave: How did it go over at the DMV, are they interested?
      Larry: No good, their guy Tom says they don't "believe" in Open Source. Says they want us to do it in Silverlight.
      Steve: They're all a bunch of microserfs over there!

      Added by doctorgee doctorgee over 5 years ago


        Emacs Pinky

        Repetitive strain injury caused by constant use of one's "pinky finger" when using modifier keys in Emacs. This term has been adopted by developers using other editors or IDEs due to frequent use of quotes, ticks, braces, colon, semi-colon. etc. as they are dependent upon the use of the right hand pinky.

        God I hate you PHP! Every day I have Emacs pinky because every line requires at least five keystrokes with my right hand's little finger.

        Added by Mowaterfowl Mowaterfowl almost 3 years ago


          LAN Party Mole

          The person at your LAN party who uses a ridiculous portion of the bandwidth preventing everyone from playing the game they agreed to gather for.

          I can't solo-mid with this much lag, I think Lewis is the LAN Mole. His bandwidth is over 9000

          Added by yungsnuggie yungsnuggie over 5 years ago



            Google's parking lot during commute hours.

            Added by charlesjo charlesjo over 5 years ago



              The lights are blinkenflashen but nobody’s home. This is usually applied to a vacant person who has no clue, with no clue that they have no clue. Named after a server response code issued when you try to visit a webpage that simply isn’t there.

              Did you see Tom's last tweet? He clearly thinks UX stands for Undeniable Expert. What a 404!

              Added by doctorgee doctorgee over 5 years ago


                Great America

                The Disneyland of Silicon Valley.

                Added by charlesjo charlesjo over 5 years ago



                  -standing for Consumer.Electronics.Show; the seemingly infinitely distant convention that Pied Piper will get to by season 5.

                  Jared: Even with 5 billion in funding we will only make it till 24 weeks before CES.

                  Added by whportman whportman over 5 years ago


                    Reverse Communism

                    When money is taken from venture capitalists and other wealthy types, and given to coders. Profitability is a vague thing that will happen sometime in the distant future (maybe).

                    In 1991 communism was defeated, only four years later, the spectre of Reverse Communism haunted the SF bay area from 1995 until the spring of 2001.

                    Added by FuctCo5K FuctCo5K over 5 years ago