Agile development is a phrase used in software development to describe methodologies for incremental software development.

Instead of using PRINCE2 methodology. Lets use Agile development.

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Unapologetically Plastic

Almost every tech billionaire in Silicon Valley.

Jony Ive, Travis Kalanick, Evan Spiegel, Eric Schmidt et al.

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Cal (aka Berkeley, aka Not-Stanford)

Harvard: Stanford of East Coast.

Stanford: For students who could not get into Cal.

Cal: Letting Stanford dropouts and graduates pursue all the billion dollar ideas because it was never about the money.


Cal: Yeah, you have rich parents.

Stanford: At least we got in.

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A popular practice where people microdose on drugs (primarily LSD) for recreation.

After working at Facebook the entire day, Jim goes home and starts microdabbing.

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Dressing the part

When an engineer that normally wears contact lenses puts on glasses for a job interview or pitch meeting.

See http://svdictionary.com/words/software-engineer-uniform

Jennifer: You seriously think wearing glasses is going to help you get funded?
David: It's called dressing the part and it works so stop talking.

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The inevitable desire of any contractor. The typical rip-off method which any serious author should refuse.

Could you make it with all features till evening after we agree on the price?

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Ten Dollar Solution

Anything that works infinitely better than that "new thing" and the superior technology is at least 30 years old.

Trying to follow a ballgame on a Real Audio plugin vs. a ten dollar transistor radio.

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Oski Eyes

When an engineering student (primarily UC Berkeley students) tries to talk to a girl but ends up frowning and giving her an awkward vibe because he is too scared to say anything. This is mostly done out of innocence and fear.

Cindy was really interested in meeting my friend Brian, but since she was the first girl he'd talked to in months he ended up giving her Oski eyes and scaring her off. She's over there talking to that Haashole Brad now.

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In a medium-sized and growing company, Agile can be a learning experience for everyone.

BigCo managers learn what it's like to ship tiny things instead of meeting about big things.
Software engineers learn what it's like to have parental supervision.
Early employees learn how to quit while they're ahead.

Manager: "We will remove obstacles from your workflow and refrain from micromanagement."
Engineer: "We will regularly estimate our stories and log our work."
Engineer: "Wait a minute, where's Early Employee?"

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Ephemeral Messaging

Normally refers to modern chat services that delete the conversation users have between one another at some point in time.

I love ephemeral messaging services because I never have to feel conscious about how much I curse.

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A period of time in which a person or group of people spend their time fracking.

James: Noah is off going off the radar this weekend to join his friends in Houston for a frackathon.
Winston: What a weird guy.

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No Free Lunch

A theorem which states that tech companies offering not free lunch are making profit off their employees.

Commonly used by companies such as amazon, Microsoft and Apple to get overpaid staff's salary back

Founder: I had an alternative stream of revenue idea using no free lunch theorem

Co-founder: worked for Apple and Amazon, should work for us!

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Equity Leaching Nests

Office spaces that require you to give up percent ownership of your company (or warrants to purchase parts of your company up to 10 years) in exchange for month to month office space.

The Ratchetry is an equity leaching nest that wants our company to sign up. Although I like the investor team that backs it, I'm pretty indifferent about the program itself.

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Leaning In

When someone flamboyantly promotes and espouses feminism in an attempt to get laid.

Jonathan if you want to get women to like you, stop being such a pretentious asshole and start leaning in for once.

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Bleeding Edge

A technology that's so new, you can count on it to be unreliable and troublesome (derived from the term "leading edge").

"Did our database crash again?"
"Yeah, this new big data graph mapping software is totally bleeding edge."

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Linux Minters

Engineers whose preference in OS is the Linux Mint operating system. They are irrationally smart and work so fast that they are said to literally mint code like machines.

Jeremy is a Linux Minter who refused to use the Macbook Pro his office gave him, and instead uses his PC that has a vanilla version of Linux Mint installed.

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Logo Wingman Fail

When you go out with your logo wingman but you don't choose a suitable logo.

Jen: I know what you're doing but I don't know what Pied Piper is

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Net 30

I hope this fly-by-night startup pays me before my rent check is due.

Founder: "And how fast do I need to pay you?"
Freelancer: "Oh, it's Net 30."

Freelancer crosses fingers for luck.

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Unlimited vacation and sick days policy

We don't want to pay out if you quit or get terminated on your vacation or sick days left over, if we had a policy.

We provide unlimited vacation and sick days. If you're sick, stay home! If you want to take days off, go ahead!

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TLA Departments

Short for "Three Letter Acronym": A department of a company that does not have any apparent function at all.
Groups like this are usually created by trendy management fads.

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