A popular practice where people microdose on drugs (primarily LSD) for recreation.

After working at Facebook the entire day, Jim goes home and starts microdabbing.

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    High margins

    Eric ditched his chat app to build a SAAS site instead.

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      Full stack engineer

      We want to hire you to work on all parts of the stack because we cannot afford specialized engineers for the different technical stack pieces and feel it's better to start the stack being sub-par instead of having expertise in each stack layer.

      We are looking for a full-stack engineering to join our start-up, the next Google!

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        No Free Lunch

        A theorem which states that tech companies offering not free lunch are making profit off their employees.

        Commonly used by companies such as amazon, Microsoft and Apple to get overpaid staff's salary back

        Founder: I had an alternative stream of revenue idea using no free lunch theorem

        Co-founder: worked for Apple and Amazon, should work for us!

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          On-demand Worker

          An on-demand worker is someone employed by an on-demand company such as Uber, Lyft, Instacart or Postmates although many on-demand workers work for a few of these companies concurrently. They are usually 1099 workers or independent contractors and do not get the same company benefits such as healthcare and PTO that full time employees enjoy. Companies hire on-demand workers for flexibility, to save money and to have less liability.

          Tim: Although being an on-demand worker affords me fewer benefits I kinda like it because I can set my own hours and learn how to code on the side.

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            An acronym for "Subject Matter Expert". Generally a person designated as the expert in a particular technology, process, or subject area within a company or organization. Often the title is an oxymoron and is given through a bureaucratic process where the person designated as the so called "expert" knows less about the subject than others yet insists on inserting themselves into the decision making process despite their inferior knowledge. They derive their power via their title rather than any actual factual information they may know.

            The IT department can't install Chrome because the Browser SME declared that no more than 2 browsers will be supported and he choose IE and Firefox. He didn't provide any factual basis for his decision when it was announced but he did note that he was the browser SME and thus everyone had to abide by his decision.

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              The inevitable desire of any contractor. The typical rip-off method which any serious author should refuse.

              Could you make it with all features till evening after we agree on the price?

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                Developing for Ghosts

                Making stuff for people who may or may not exist.

                As a potential investor for his company, I can't tell if Stevie is making something for people in need or he's just guessing by developing for ghosts

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                  Perceived Value Pricing

                  Gauging the pricing of one's product based on how much people THINK it's worth.

                  RocketSpoon used perceived value pricing to justify the increase in price for their product because they were the only food delivery platform in their area that delivered airline quality food within the smallest time window.

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                    Oski Eyes

                    When an engineering student (primarily UC Berkeley students) tries to talk to a girl but ends up frowning and giving her an awkward vibe because he is too scared to say anything. This is mostly done out of innocence and fear.

                    Cindy was really interested in meeting my friend Brian, but since she was the first girl he'd talked to in months he ended up giving her Oski eyes and scaring her off. She's over there talking to that Haashole Brad now.

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                      Ten Dollar Solution

                      Anything that works infinitely better than that "new thing" and the superior technology is at least 30 years old.

                      Trying to follow a ballgame on a Real Audio plugin vs. a ten dollar transistor radio.

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                        Bleeding Edge

                        A technology that's so new, you can count on it to be unreliable and troublesome (derived from the term "leading edge").

                        "Did our database crash again?"
                        "Yeah, this new big data graph mapping software is totally bleeding edge."

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                          Wung It

                          Coming up with stuff on the spot usually to one's success. Another of saying winged it.

                          Julie: How did the meeting go?

                          Arlan: Didn't really prepare, I wung it and landed the deal.

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                            The Silicon Valley Shake

                            A choreographed dance entrepreneurs do in their favorite online video game after reaching major milestones in their company. Doing a dance in real life is many instances is far too awkward.

                            After being acquired by Twitter, Jack along with the founding team simultaneously logged onto League of Legends, typed in the /dance command together, and broadcasted it on Twitch.

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                              3 Comma Studios

                              A legendary secret society publicly operating as an app studio in San Francisco, California. While the app studio founders are made public on their website 3CommaStudios.com, its members are kept highly secret, rumored to be having some of the biggest names in tech and venture capital as shadow leaders of a seemingly inconspicuous organization.

                              It's rumored that every few months the society inducts members by sending them a mysterious black key card with 3 commas embroidered on it. They meet in a secret location and talk about the tech world behind closed doors that open upward like a Lamborghini, not side to side like a Honda Civic. If asked, its members are told to deny their memberships and even scoff at the very thought of it's existence.

                              The studio's slogan: Do not bite the invisible hand that feeds.

                              I've heard rumors that Devon was inducted as a member of 3 Comma Studios a few months ago after starting his company. He denies the existence of the organization adamantly. But I saw a black key card with 3 commas in his wallet a few months ago. On top of that he goes out at random times of the night getting dropped home by cars with doors that open upward NOT side to side. Sometimes in the dead of night when I bring it up, he just sticks both his middle fingers up at me and whispers "2 commas be gone" in a trance like state.

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                                Cal (aka Berkeley, aka Not-Stanford)

                                Harvard: Stanford of East Coast.

                                Stanford: For students who could not get into Cal.

                                Cal: Letting Stanford dropouts and graduates pursue all the billion dollar ideas because it was never about the money.


                                Cal: Yeah, you have rich parents.

                                Stanford: At least we got in.

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                                  Leaning In

                                  When someone flamboyantly promotes and espouses feminism in an attempt to get laid.

                                  Jonathan if you want to get women to like you, stop being such a pretentious asshole and start leaning in for once.

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                                  When you reject a company's pitch for funding and decide not to fund them.

                                  James passed on Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but funded 'Yo' as soon as he got the chance.

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                                    Family Layway Weekend

                                    When an entrepreneur spends a weekend with his family mostly because they haven't seen from him or her in weeks. The entrepreneur spends 85% of this time checking his or her phone for updates.

                                    Ken decided to go on a family layaway weekend because his Mom's birthday was coming up. He told him mom happy birthday and sat in the corner the rest of the time checking his phone. His family was just happy to see him.

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                                      Short for Annual Recurring Revenue

                                      Typically this refers to the recurring revenue per customer. Total recurring revenue / # of customers.

                                      Me: My startup is killing it! We're making 10 millions in ARR!
                                      Matt: HOLY SHIT DUDE!! YOU'RE AMAZING!!!

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