When you reject a company's pitch for funding and decide not to fund them.

James passed on Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but funded 'Yo' as soon as he got the chance.

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    Eskimo Startup

    Eskimo startup - (def) A startup which is attempting to sell a product the market understands better than the startup itself, that the market doesn't need or of which it already has a plentiful supply.

    "It was an eskimo startup. They were trying to sell ice to eskimos, it was impossible to succeed"

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      Diversity. Hell yeah. Our programmers are either directly from or descendants of wide range countries all across the globe: England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Germany, Poland, Russia, India, China, Japan, Korea.

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        Board Member

        A member in a company that is partially responsible for all the major decisions in a company like who is CEO, who to acquire or be acquired by, and who to raise money from. The more seats a board member has, the more power they wield within the company.

        Vinny's investor is a board member with 3 seats at his VRfeet startup. Vinny is CEO but he pretty much works for him.

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          Ponytail Bias

          When you automatically assume someone is a great engineer because of their ponytail. This bias most often occurs with men who also have metal glasses frames and a beard that goes down to their neck.

          James often experiences pony tail bias when he visits Seattle even though he's really a musician who plays with a band no ones ever heard of.

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          They Took Our Jobs

          A popular double entendre referencing a redneck slogan of immigrant labor replacing US jobs and the passing of Steve Jobs.

          Zeeshan: I hate the IPhone 6.

          Matt: They took our Jobs...

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            On-demand Worker

            An on-demand worker is someone employed by an on-demand company such as Uber, Lyft, Instacart or Postmates although many on-demand workers work for a few of these companies concurrently. They are usually 1099 workers or independent contractors and do not get the same company benefits such as healthcare and PTO that full time employees enjoy. Companies hire on-demand workers for flexibility, to save money and to have less liability.

            Tim: Although being an on-demand worker affords me fewer benefits I kinda like it because I can set my own hours and learn how to code on the side.

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              Database Problem

              A classification of any problem which makes the speaker sound more intelligent by reframing the discussion while often resulting in no constructive next steps.

              Q: I can't figure out how to get my startup to grow faster.
              A: It's actually just a database problem.

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                A term borrowed from the gambling world to refer to higher rollers that drop a lot of cash and make casinos a ton of money. In Silicon Valley, whale refers to high rollers in mobile games. Zynga, Supercell and other mobile gaming companies make most of their money from whales as less than 3% of freemium game players spend any money on in-app purchases.

                Richard: Lets make our game free so we can attract the most number of downloads and hope that a good percentage of our players convert into whales.

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                  Oski Eyes

                  When an engineering student (primarily UC Berkeley students) tries to talk to a girl but ends up frowning and giving her an awkward vibe because he is too scared to say anything. This is mostly done out of innocence and fear.

                  Cindy was really interested in meeting my friend Brian, but since she was the first girl he'd talked to in months he ended up giving her Oski eyes and scaring her off. She's over there talking to that Haashole Brad now.

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                    Net 30

                    I hope this fly-by-night startup pays me before my rent check is due.

                    Founder: "And how fast do I need to pay you?"
                    Freelancer: "Oh, it's Net 30."

                    Freelancer crosses fingers for luck.

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                      Virtual Christmas

                      Simulating the perfect holiday on one's VR helmet sitting alone in one's apartment.


                      I decided to cancel my trip back home, break up with my girlfriend, and have a Virtual Christmas this year.

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                        Emacs Pinky

                        Repetitive strain injury caused by constant use of one's "pinky finger" when using modifier keys in Emacs. This term has been adopted by developers using other editors or IDEs due to frequent use of quotes, ticks, braces, colon, semi-colon. etc. as they are dependent upon the use of the right hand pinky.

                        God I hate you PHP! Every day I have Emacs pinky because every line requires at least five keystrokes with my right hand's little finger.

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                          LAN Party Mole

                          The person at your LAN party who uses a ridiculous portion of the bandwidth preventing everyone from playing the game they agreed to gather for.

                          I can't solo-mid with this much lag, I think Lewis is the LAN Mole. His bandwidth is over 9000

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                            The lights are blinkenflashen but nobody’s home. This is usually applied to a vacant person who has no clue, with no clue that they have no clue. Named after a server response code issued when you try to visit a webpage that simply isn’t there.

                            Did you see Tom's last tweet? He clearly thinks UX stands for Undeniable Expert. What a 404!

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                                Reverse Communism

                                When money is taken from venture capitalists and other wealthy types, and given to coders. Profitability is a vague thing that will happen sometime in the distant future (maybe).

                                In 1991 communism was defeated, only four years later, the spectre of Reverse Communism haunted the SF bay area from 1995 until the spring of 2001.

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                                  Drunk Mouse Syndrome. A condition afflicting some users, causing them to be unable to follow the simplest of instructions.

                                  Dave: How did that guided demo go with the founders?
                                  Larry: Not so good, Tom kept closing his browser.
                                  Steve: Yep, he's got DMS.

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                                    a strong guy

                                    John is very mshebere nowdays

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                                      Open work space

                                      We cannot afford real office furniture.

                                      Our teams work in an open work space.

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