Blackhat Developer

One who uses his or her knowledge as a developer to do illegal or questionably moral tasks.

Julius is a blackhat developer who hacks into people's emails at Starbucks looking for nude photos because that's the only thing that turns him on. Nobody at work likes him or uses the wifi when he is around.

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The Shell Dilemma

When your startup reaches the point where you only have engineers on your team, all of which become a hollow unexciting shell of themselves in the board room. This is when you end up having to compromise and add your first non-technical founder because he is an incredible orator and can represent the product you built better than anyone on your team can.

On the Silicon Valley TV show, Richard faces the shell dilemma when he finds he cannot pitch his idea without sweating profusely and messing up. He seeks help from his friend Erlich Bachman afterward to save him.

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A descriptive word given to something that is running on someone else's computer.

We will run our product in the cloud, so it is accessible to users on the internet.

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A word that describes behavior that is only offensive to people in Silicon Valley or elite colleges. If someone accuses your behavior of being problematic you are likely to be fired or get written up for an HR violation if you work at a tech company.

The fact that Kamdesh only eats pasta in the company cafeteria and the fact that he only dates Italian women is problematic because he is appropriating European culture and is sexist against Indian women in his dating preferences.

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Diversity. Hell yeah. Our programmers are either directly from or descendants of wide range countries all across the globe: England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Germany, Poland, Russia, India, China, Japan, Korea.

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Product Designer

The latest in a constant string of designer job titles trying to explain what the hell they design. Usually stands for designers that build the UX and UI in a combined fashion for digital devices such as phones, tablets, and desktop computers. Not to be confused with UX designers, UI designers, Web designers, Graphic designers, Illustrators, AR/VR designers, Scientific designers, Brand designers, Systems designers, Design managers, Art directors, and Creative directors.

CEO: Sarah is our lead Product Designer. She's in charge of designing our core customer experience.
Customer: What's the product?
CEO: We phish social security numbers from elderly folks in hopes of selling the identities to communist nations.

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Fingertip Like

When you accidentally like someone else's facebook post while scrolling through your feed on a mobile device.

Jeanie: Oh my god! I just accidentally fingertip liked my exe's profile picture. I really hope that he didn't notice it.

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Shorthand for Stackoverflow, the question and answer site for professional and enthusiast programmers.

A: "I just cannot figure out how I'm supposed to get this gulp task to work!"
B: "Did you check Stack? Looks like a common enough problem."
A: "Good point, I'll ask Stack."

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Bachelor's Degree

An academic degree which typically consists of about 40 college classes in a particular field of study. Much like a startup, it is typically either undervalued (by the uneducated) or overvalued (by zealous parents) rather than being appreciated in equanimity as a testament to consistent work under an educational institution. Also known as Peter Thiel's Kryptonite

Harold: So I see that you got a Bachelor's Degree just last year?

Katelyn: Yes, in Electrical Engineering

Harold: Hmm, so can you use Linux?

Katelyn: ...

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On-demand Worker

An on-demand worker is someone employed by an on-demand company such as Uber, Lyft, Instacart or Postmates although many on-demand workers work for a few of these companies concurrently. They are usually 1099 workers or independent contractors and do not get the same company benefits such as healthcare and PTO that full time employees enjoy. Companies hire on-demand workers for flexibility, to save money and to have less liability.

Tim: Although being an on-demand worker affords me fewer benefits I kinda like it because I can set my own hours and learn how to code on the side.

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Eskimo Startup

Eskimo startup - (def) A startup which is attempting to sell a product the market understands better than the startup itself, that the market doesn't need or of which it already has a plentiful supply.

"It was an eskimo startup. They were trying to sell ice to eskimos, it was impossible to succeed"

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Reverse Communism

When money is taken from venture capitalists and other wealthy types, and given to coders. Profitability is a vague thing that will happen sometime in the distant future (maybe).

In 1991 communism was defeated, only four years later, the spectre of Reverse Communism haunted the SF bay area from 1995 until the spring of 2001.

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Emacs Pinky

Repetitive strain injury caused by constant use of one's "pinky finger" when using modifier keys in Emacs. This term has been adopted by developers using other editors or IDEs due to frequent use of quotes, ticks, braces, colon, semi-colon. etc. as they are dependent upon the use of the right hand pinky.

God I hate you PHP! Every day I have Emacs pinky because every line requires at least five keystrokes with my right hand's little finger.

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LAN Party Mole

The person at your LAN party who uses a ridiculous portion of the bandwidth preventing everyone from playing the game they agreed to gather for.

I can't solo-mid with this much lag, I think Lewis is the LAN Mole. His bandwidth is over 9000

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An individual so utterly loyal to a particular operating system or platform that they have achieved a state of religious zeal. Microserfs typically drool in response to a rigged demo.

Dave: How did it go over at the DMV, are they interested?
Larry: No good, their guy Tom says they don't "believe" in Open Source. Says they want us to do it in Silverlight.
Steve: They're all a bunch of microserfs over there!

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-standing for Consumer.Electronics.Show; the seemingly infinitely distant convention that Pied Piper will get to by season 5.

Jared: Even with 5 billion in funding we will only make it till 24 weeks before CES.

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Drunk Mouse Syndrome. A condition afflicting some users, causing them to be unable to follow the simplest of instructions.

Dave: How did that guided demo go with the founders?
Larry: Not so good, Tom kept closing his browser.
Steve: Yep, he's got DMS.

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Open work space

We cannot afford real office furniture.

Our teams work in an open work space.

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1. Rap artist

1. to beg billionaires for money

credit: https://twitter.com/rklau/status/699122149701787653

Jeb Bush really kanyed ahead of the SC primary.

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The lights are blinkenflashen but nobody’s home. This is usually applied to a vacant person who has no clue, with no clue that they have no clue. Named after a server response code issued when you try to visit a webpage that simply isn’t there.

Did you see Tom's last tweet? He clearly thinks UX stands for Undeniable Expert. What a 404!

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