Comp Plan

An incentivized payment plan for a sales rep in a start up.

You'll know what salary they're offering you once you go over your comp plan with the manager.

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    Bachelor's Degree

    An academic degree which typically consists of about 40 college classes in a particular field of study. Much like a startup, it is typically either undervalued (by the uneducated) or overvalued (by zealous parents) rather than being appreciated in equanimity as a testament to consistent work under an educational institution. Also known as Peter Thiel's Kryptonite

    Harold: So I see that you got a Bachelor's Degree just last year?

    Katelyn: Yes, in Electrical Engineering

    Harold: Hmm, so can you use Linux?

    Katelyn: ...

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      Trader Joe's

      My other grocery store is Whole Foods.

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        MBP (aka MacBook Pro)

        High end backup battery charger for iPhone. Also can be used to browse web super-fast. Insurance for those who may one day need to render and edit their blockbuster film although likely, Apple will have introduced a much better machine by then.


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          Hype Parasite App

          When an app developer sees an app getting a ton of downloads and attention on the App Store and decides to make a copy cat version of the app to ride on the hype train.

          Flappy Bird apps, 2048 apps, Pokemon GO tracker apps

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            Creating underground sub-communities within larger social sites (such as Reddit). Vile, nasty, unsavory and questionable content is then pumped into these underground sub-communities. The goal is to either bring legions of impressionable, immature people to their cause (such as misogyny for the purpose of taking out Hillary Clinton - much like the Tea Party's hatred of blacks), or to simply create an earthquake that brings down Internet communities. The goal here is to abuse so-called "free speech" rights to the point of destruction of the host.

            Since President Obama faced no more elections, the conservative/libertarian weirdos fracking Reddit with racism, now switched to misogyny by using Ellen Pao as a proxy for Hillary Clinton.

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              Board Member

              A member in a company that is partially responsible for all the major decisions in a company like who is CEO, who to acquire or be acquired by, and who to raise money from. The more seats a board member has, the more power they wield within the company.

              Vinny's investor is a board member with 3 seats at his VRfeet startup. Vinny is CEO but he pretty much works for him.

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                Engineer Musk

                The smell an engineer has after hours of intense programming.

                Julia, a local founder hounder, loves targeting men and women at bars who exude a strong engineer musk.

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                  Unapologetically Plastic

                  Almost every tech billionaire in Silicon Valley.

                  Jony Ive, Travis Kalanick, Evan Spiegel, Eric Schmidt et al.

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                    VP Of Product

                    Overseas the vision of the product. Communicates between the C Level executives and the engineering heads to develop a product consistent with the company's values.

                    Ryan got promoted to VP of Product and now spends most of his time in meetings with the CTO trying to hammer out reasonable trajectories for the company.

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                      Technical Bankruptcy

                      The accumulation of so much technical debt that it would be faster to start from scratch rather than trying to fix it.
                      Word proposed by Iheanyi Ekechukwu on https://twitter.com/kwuchu/status/625786816965160961

                      Ok guys, we're done with this legacy code. Technical bankruptcy needs to happen. Let's start from scratch.

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                        Linux Minters

                        Engineers whose preference in OS is the Linux Mint operating system. They are irrationally smart and work so fast that they are said to literally mint code like machines.

                        Jeremy is a Linux Minter who refused to use the Macbook Pro his office gave him, and instead uses his PC that has a vanilla version of Linux Mint installed.

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                          Unlimited vacation and sick days policy

                          We don't want to pay out if you quit or get terminated on your vacation or sick days left over, if we had a policy.

                          We provide unlimited vacation and sick days. If you're sick, stay home! If you want to take days off, go ahead!

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                            Virtual Christmas

                            Simulating the perfect holiday on one's VR helmet sitting alone in one's apartment.


                            I decided to cancel my trip back home, break up with my girlfriend, and have a Virtual Christmas this year.

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                              A simple, often paper version of a very early prototype built in less than a day to help a startup team actualize their idea without spending a lot of time noodling on the "what ifs" and "how might we" questions.

                              Okay, let's pretotype these 3 ideas today so we can focus on one of them by the end of the week.

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                                a company that is valued at over ten billion dollars before its IPO. Like a unicorn but presumably with ten horns

                                "Dude we can be talking about the d-words here!"
                                "No! Decacorn"

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                                  Problem Observer

                                  A shitier version of a problem solver. A problem observer is a person who points out obstacles (even if they are incredibly obvious) offers no solution, and feels really good about themselves. They tend to end up working at a big company for the rest of their lives.

                                  Mark was a problem solver that started facebook and dropped out of Harvard. Roy was a problem observer that has a PhD from Stanford and works at Yahoo.

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                                    Shorthand for Stackoverflow, the question and answer site for professional and enthusiast programmers.

                                    A: "I just cannot figure out how I'm supposed to get this gulp task to work!"
                                    B: "Did you check Stack? Looks like a common enough problem."
                                    A: "Good point, I'll ask Stack."

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                                      Fingertip Like

                                      When you accidentally like someone else's facebook post while scrolling through your feed on a mobile device.

                                      Jeanie: Oh my god! I just accidentally fingertip liked my exe's profile picture. I really hope that he didn't notice it.

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                                        Diversity. Hell yeah. Our programmers are either directly from or descendants of wide range countries all across the globe: England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Germany, Poland, Russia, India, China, Japan, Korea.

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