Daily Active Users

Number of people who visit your app every day. Usually more important than Active Installs.

Joe: We have 10,000,000 installs.

Kal: How many Daily Active Users do you have?

Joe: 100

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3 Comma Studios

A legendary secret society publicly operating as an app studio in San Francisco, California. While the app studio founders are made public on their website 3CommaStudios.com, its members are kept highly secret, rumored to be having some of the biggest names in tech and venture capital as shadow leaders of a seemingly inconspicuous organization.

It's rumored that every few months the society inducts members by sending them a mysterious black key card with 3 commas embroidered on it. They meet in a secret location and talk about the tech world behind closed doors that open upward like a Lamborghini, not side to side like a Honda Civic. If asked, its members are told to deny their memberships and even scoff at the very thought of it's existence.

The studio's slogan: Do not bite the invisible hand that feeds.

I've heard rumors that Devon was inducted as a member of 3 Comma Studios a few months ago after starting his company. He denies the existence of the organization adamantly. But I saw a black key card with 3 commas in his wallet a few months ago. On top of that he goes out at random times of the night getting dropped home by cars with doors that open upward NOT side to side. Sometimes in the dead of night when I bring it up, he just sticks both his middle fingers up at me and whispers "2 commas be gone" in a trance like state.

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The 'Porn At The End Of The Tunnel' VR Hypothesis

The hypothesis that says that no matter HOW good or bad VR software is developed, VR pornography will pave the way for the platform's future.

Sora: VR is just a fad. People are not going to want to spend more than a month using it. It's a pain to use and it makes me sick to be in their for too long. LETS STOP DEVELOPING FOR VR PLATFORMS. THEY'RE NEVER GONNA SUCCEED.

Wang: Stop thinking rationally and just remember the 'porn at the end of the tunnel.'

Sora: You're right. I'm getting back to work.

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Simply Scheming

Trying to impress a future employer by referencing knowledge in Lisp (a programming language with a horrendous amount of parenthesis) that is mostly only taught at MIT and UC Berkeley. Simply Scheme is also the title to a textbook written by Brian Harvey (MIT alum and tenured Berkeley professor).

Fred simply schemed his way out of the first round interviews making his interviewer feel incompetent by his lack of knowledge in Lisp.

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Product/market fit

Conversation starter.

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High margins

Eric ditched his chat app to build a SAAS site instead.

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Anything that you can either read or understand from any one or more of your senses (hearing or sight, but usually not smell or touch).

Q: How can I create great content?
A: Well you could write something.
Q: That's not good enough, I want it to be more interesting.
A: I have an idea, record your voice and make a podcast.
Q: That's much better.

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Creating underground sub-communities within larger social sites (such as Reddit). Vile, nasty, unsavory and questionable content is then pumped into these underground sub-communities. The goal is to either bring legions of impressionable, immature people to their cause (such as misogyny for the purpose of taking out Hillary Clinton - much like the Tea Party's hatred of blacks), or to simply create an earthquake that brings down Internet communities. The goal here is to abuse so-called "free speech" rights to the point of destruction of the host.

Since President Obama faced no more elections, the conservative/libertarian weirdos fracking Reddit with racism, now switched to misogyny by using Ellen Pao as a proxy for Hillary Clinton.

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Wung It

Coming up with stuff on the spot usually to one's success. Another of saying winged it.

Julie: How did the meeting go?

Arlan: Didn't really prepare, I wung it and landed the deal.

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Meat Dog

A dog that you can eat. Also a person who kept saying meat dog to his friend who got a Facebook offer and was later laughed at.
Meat Dog is also known as Donut, Donald, Z.K etc. He got a 4.3 GPA and is one of the smartest people at a college located in Ithaca,NY
Meat Dog is a lazy TA, but a professor here loves him. Huh?
Meat Dog won Cache War with his partner Papa Kuo in 2k17.

"Meat Dog, you are a piece of shit!"
"Meat Dog, can we have dinner at DeTasty at 4:30?"
"Exclamation Mark!"

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Up and to the Right

An incredible growth curve in your business metrics. Also known as a Hockey Stick curve.

Squeeze the X-axis until your growth curve is Up and to the Right.

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Developing for Ghosts

Making stuff for people who may or may not exist.

As a potential investor for his company, I can't tell if Stevie is making something for people in need or he's just guessing by developing for ghosts

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Family Layway Weekend

When an entrepreneur spends a weekend with his family mostly because they haven't seen from him or her in weeks. The entrepreneur spends 85% of this time checking his or her phone for updates.

Ken decided to go on a family layaway weekend because his Mom's birthday was coming up. He told him mom happy birthday and sat in the corner the rest of the time checking his phone. His family was just happy to see him.

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The Algorithm Exit

Ending an argument or justifying an explanation by claiming one's algorithm is superior without any sort of justification of said algorithm. Often used in Hollywood produced films.

After getting in a 2 hour argument on whose product was better, Jeremy screamed that his algorithm was superior making an algorithm exit, shutting the door behind him.

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They Took Our Jobs

A popular double entendre referencing a redneck slogan of immigrant labor replacing US jobs and the passing of Steve Jobs.

Zeeshan: I hate the IPhone 6.

Matt: They took our Jobs...

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Social Media

One of the species of apps that keep getting made. They're really just shitty clones of Facebook and Twitter. I mean if Google couldn't do it, what makes you think you could? It is estimated that every year:
Hundreds of thousands of variants of social media apps are pitched
Thousands are built to an MVP
A couple hundred end up on the app store as different niche apps after the companies pivoted

Alex: Hey Tara, check out my new Social Media app!
Tara: Oohh! Next Facebook right here!

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Comp Plan

An incentivized payment plan for a sales rep in a start up.

You'll know what salary they're offering you once you go over your comp plan with the manager.

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Techie Scum

A term often used when trying to angrily describe software engineers or people who work at software companies.

This term is usually coupled with stereotypes such as wearing a hoodie, consuming kale, drinking Philz or Bluebottle coffee, rimmed glasses, gentrification, etc.

Lewis: My rent is going up by 500$ this year. What in the fuck is happening.

Ray: It's because of the horde of techie scum that's moved in this month.

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Malware Engineer

An asshole software engineer who creates malware (programs that attack your computer to display advertisements and unwanted pop ups).

Satish: One of my students was a malware engineer who installed malware on my computer after emailing me his homework. Now whenever I plug my Mac into the projector during lecture, Live Jasmine popups keep showing up.

Ryan: Uhh...that's because you have this tab open right here on chrome.

Satish: You weren't supposed to see that.

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Virtual Christmas

Simulating the perfect holiday on one's VR helmet sitting alone in one's apartment.


I decided to cancel my trip back home, break up with my girlfriend, and have a Virtual Christmas this year.

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