4 Year Vesting

You get a percentage of a total amount of stock allocation that cashes in yearly intervals until your 4th year.

Also another way of saying "I know it's tempting to leave, but we want you to stay while you're still young."

Zeeshan: You should start your own company. You're smart enough and have know enough people to recruit a strong founding team.
Kunal: Definitely! We should! I just need to wait until I'm 30 and my shares at Pied Piper vest!
Zeeshan: That's how they get you.

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    The default answer lazy software engineers give to their non-techinical friends, when asked what the best way to learn how to code is.

    Jimmy: You're such a good programmer. I want to learn how to code, but already have this Haas degree and can't go back to college. What can I do to learn today?

    Bobby: I don't know man, google it. I hear Codecademy is a thing. I just want to go back to playing DOTA.

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      Refers to some users of Google Glass that were rude or not respectful of privacy such as recording video of people without their permission. Google even referenced this term in their Google Glass do's and don'ts list. It was put together because glassholes ruin public perception of the device and impede mainstream adoption.

      Justin: That glasshole has been recoding video of us in the corner. He can at least say something

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        US Bitcoin Legislative Arms Race

        This references the pressure Bitcoin startups have to show significant traction or get acquired before the United States outlaws the use of Bitcoin (whether this will or will not happen is of course debatable).

        Look man, because of the US Bitcoin Legislative Arms Race, our job is to make enough sales and sell out before the House and Senate make some extreme move in banning Bitcoin and making our company essentially worthless here in the US. I don't want to move to Greece man.

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          The bullshit an entrepreneur spews to investors to convince them of a high valuation since the seed money will allow the startup to grow immeasurably. Usually followed by more bullshit, greater valuations and eventually and a low revenue to evaluation ratio and companies which never attain revenues to justify their evaluation.

          Currently the greatest contribution to the startup bubble.

          Person A: How can that startup afford golden toilets and helicopter rides to work?

          Person B: Of course they can, they are pre-revenue and focusing on growth!

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          Programming and working at a slower pace to purposely get more food out of the company.

          Jordan didn't feel like cooking dinner so he started gluttonygramming to force the company employee policy of paying a 15$ credit for engineer's dinner who works until after 7.

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            A very large number of bytes. 10^24 bytes to be exact, but this term can never be used in serious context, so it doesn't really matter.

            Dude 1: Dude how much porn do you have on there?
            Dude 2: Yottabytes dude.

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              Logo Wingman

              When an employee of a hot pre-IPO company purposely wears a lot of corporate swag to attract the opposite sex.

              Richard: Yesterday I was talking to this woman at the bar and I purposely tilted my body so she could get a glance at the Uber logo on my sweatshirt. My backpack had Uber on it too. No response. I mean I didn't initiate conversation but I thought that would be enough.

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                Resting and vesting

                When you have equity in a company that hasn't fully vested yet and stay at the company even though you have no real role there.

                Matthew: Why are you on the roof park all the time, aren't you the VP of marketing?
                Hemant: Yes but that's just a title. I'm really resting and vesting


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                  A forgettable person. Often boring but quite intelligent, but usually so socially awkward that a person's mind will naturally attempt to suppress any memory of interactions with 'Jared'. This further contributes to Jared's forgettability.

                  Bill: "Jared, what's the status of the new payments module?"
                  Jared: "My name is David.. and the module is finished, daily revenue is up by 86% "
                  Bill: "Really? that's great! thanks Jared I'll let everyone know."

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                    Ron Conway

                    One of the most successful startup angel investors in Silicon Valley and the head of SV Angel in Palo Alto. He went to San Jose State, likes to drink diet coke, and invested in Google, Facebook, Twitter, Square, Pinterest, and many others.

                    It's no secret that Paul Graham secretly aspires to be Ron Conway by the way his eyes beam feverishly whenever interviewing him.

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                      Software Engineer Uniform

                      What software engineers tend to wear. Consists of a badly fitting plain or graphic t-shirt or polo and a badly fitting light blue pair of jeans. The best engineers also wear sandals with socks

                      Rachel: Jesus christ what is John wearing?
                      David: Are you new to Silicon Valley? That's the software engineer uniform.

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                        Erlich Bachman's ex-startup.
                        Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukUxx6TvXPY

                        Erlich: Take aviato for instance. It's not a name I found. It's the name that found me.

                        Erlich: I'm the founder of aviato.

                        Erlich: Like A~V~I~A~T~O

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                          Ping Pong Table

                          A common piece of furniture at a lot of startups. Some think it is there to promote a fun work environment which is true but it's mostly there because it appeals the predominantly asian and indian engineers

                          Hemant: If this startup doesn't have a ping pong table I don't want to work there

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                            In the wild

                            Seeing a new technology out in the real world, not just at launches and demos.

                            Have you spotted the new Google car in the wild yet?

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                              Chief Wizard

                              An incredibly corny way of saying CTO.

                              I stopped paying attention to my European friend's pitch deck as soon as he referred to his CTO as the chief wizard on the intro slide.

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                                Berkeley Engineer

                                An engineer that graduated from UC Berkeley, pretty nerdy, not interested in starting their own company

                                Travis: Hey I have an idea for a new taxi service, do you want to join as a cofounder?
                                Kilim: No I think I want to work for google. It's very prestigious.

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                                • zazpowered zazpowered

                                  @davidheming3 I agree. I actually went to Berkeley and I think we are doing well in entrepreneurship but we are still behind Stanford, especially with companies that have started recently. Also this was tongue in cheek and just something I observed in some friends.

                                  almost 9 years ago
                                • davidheming3 davidheming3

                                  You mean to say that Berkeley engineers and non-engineering alums founding Intel, Apple, Myspace, Sandisk, Sun Microsystems to name a few is not entrepreneurial enough? UC Berkeley is #2 or #3 when it comes to undergraduates pumping out entrepreneurs, not too far behind Stanford.

                                  almost 9 years ago

                                No Free Lunch

                                An expression known all to well to employees at Apple Inc, who are required to pay for their own lunch.

                                Back at Google we'd get free food during all times of day, but here at Apple it comes out of my salary because there's no free lunch.

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                                  Value Add

                                  Noun. A term for vague and banal advice VCs like giving the founders, supposedly helping uncover the secrets to building a successful business.

                                  VC (at board meeting): you know, it is very important not to run out of money
                                  Founder (trying to placate -- more funding will be needed soon): that's a very good point, we are on it
                                  VC: when we invested, I told you we bring a lot of "value add," not just money
                                  Founder: (placating again): gee, you were right, and we appreciate it
                                  VC (smug, and actually beliving they just helped): thank you

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                                    Internet Explorer

                                    Satan's child.

                                    Greg: "Hey Joe, it looks like our users on IE are reporting the website is flipped upside down."
                                    Joe: "Well tell them to get themselves the fuck on a decent browser."
                                    Greg: "I did, but they're telling me the download link for Chrome is redirected to that Rick Roll YouTube video"
                                    Joe: "Mother fuck. Looks like we're gonna have to sacrifice another intern to IE's Dark Lord."

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