US Bitcoin Legislative Arms Race

This references the pressure Bitcoin startups have to show significant traction or get acquired before the United States outlaws the use of Bitcoin (whether this will or will not happen is of course debatable).

Look man, because of the US Bitcoin Legislative Arms Race, our job is to make enough sales and sell out before the House and Senate make some extreme move in banning Bitcoin and making our company essentially worthless here in the US. I don't want to move to Greece man.

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    Get Shit Done

    A phrase taking to mean "fuck everything you learned in CS class and code like Jack Kerouac until we get the release out"

    Eric(CTO): Guys its time to "get shit done". Stop writing tests and let's just crank this thing out.

    Eric (CTO): Drew likes to "get shit done". I wish more of you developers could crank out KLOC's like him.

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      Single Point of Failure

      When your start-up has only one unisex toilet for the whole building.

      Our single point of failure is backed up to "the cloud" (or "the butt")

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        Definition #1: A Canadian Unicorn!

        Definition #2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykwqXuMPsoc

        American Founder - My startup is now officially a Unicorn!
        Canadian Founder - My startup is now officially a Narwhal!
        European Founder - Um Mr. American entrepreneur, if you may excuse me for a moment... the Unicorn is of European-origin, but if you like your horned mythical beasts so much, you can have the Jackalope!
        Russia Founder - North Americans have messed with the Russians for far too long, the Narwhal is ours!
        Canadian Founder - Oh sorry about (yes we say "about", not "aboot") that, how about we share?

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          Using a productivity tool called Slack to get work done or communicate with one's team. This can easily be confused to mean "not doing one's work."

          Jack: You've been getting alot done.

          James: Yeah man, I've been slacking all day.

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            CRUD App

            An app that can create, read, update, and destroy information.

            The proverbial hammer, and every single one of your brilliant startup ideas is a nail.

            You are looking at a CRUD app right now.

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              To the moon

              A phrase often used by those in the cryptocurrency community. Usually used when the value of currency goes up high very rapidly.

              Bitcoin Jackson: WOW! One bitcoin is now worth $900! And it's only gonna go up! Up to the right and to the moon!!

              A month later....

              Bitcoin John: Hey Jackson, so I heard that you made a ton of money from bitcoins. Did you invest at its peak?
              Bitcoin Jackson: yeah.... about that... I don't want to talk about it.

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                In the wild

                Seeing a new technology out in the real world, not just at launches and demos.

                Have you spotted the new Google car in the wild yet?

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                  A very large number of bytes. 10^24 bytes to be exact, but this term can never be used in serious context, so it doesn't really matter.

                  Dude 1: Dude how much porn do you have on there?
                  Dude 2: Yottabytes dude.

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                    Resting and vesting

                    When you have equity in a company that hasn't fully vested yet and stay at the company even though you have no real role there.

                    Matthew: Why are you on the roof park all the time, aren't you the VP of marketing?
                    Hemant: Yes but that's just a title. I'm really resting and vesting


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                      Microsoft Word

                      A skill people add to their Linkedin profile that instantly tells you, with 100% accuracy, that they are not tech savvy.

                      Harold: I have Microsoft Word and Excel listed on my Linkedin profile with approximately 50 endorsements each and I'm not getting any responses to my tech job applications. Did I apply with the wrong email?

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                        I want advice

                        What startup founders will tell VCs when they really want funding but don't want to ask directly because they think they will be shot down right away.

                        John: Hey Marc Andreessen. We have this new app that's like Vine except the videos are 10 seconds long because we think that's more optimal. I would like some advice.
                        Marc: Do you really want advice or are you just here for funding? I prefer when people are direct.
                        John: Sorry we really just wanted funding.
                        Marc: No

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                          Ron Conway

                          One of the most successful startup angel investors in Silicon Valley and the head of SV Angel in Palo Alto. He went to San Jose State, likes to drink diet coke, and invested in Google, Facebook, Twitter, Square, Pinterest, and many others.

                          It's no secret that Paul Graham secretly aspires to be Ron Conway by the way his eyes beam feverishly whenever interviewing him.

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                            Logo Wingman

                            When an employee of a hot pre-IPO company purposely wears a lot of corporate swag to attract the opposite sex.

                            Richard: Yesterday I was talking to this woman at the bar and I purposely tilted my body so she could get a glance at the Uber logo on my sweatshirt. My backpack had Uber on it too. No response. I mean I didn't initiate conversation but I thought that would be enough.

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                              Software Engineer Uniform

                              What software engineers tend to wear. Consists of a badly fitting plain or graphic t-shirt or polo and a badly fitting light blue pair of jeans. The best engineers also wear sandals with socks

                              Rachel: Jesus christ what is John wearing?
                              David: Are you new to Silicon Valley? That's the software engineer uniform.

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                                Erlich Bachman's ex-startup.
                                Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukUxx6TvXPY

                                Erlich: Take aviato for instance. It's not a name I found. It's the name that found me.

                                Erlich: I'm the founder of aviato.

                                Erlich: Like A~V~I~A~T~O

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                                  Ping Pong Table

                                  A common piece of furniture at a lot of startups. Some think it is there to promote a fun work environment which is true but it's mostly there because it appeals the predominantly asian and indian engineers

                                  Hemant: If this startup doesn't have a ping pong table I don't want to work there

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                                    Stack Overflow Effect

                                    Refers to how much Stack Overflow has improved developer efficiency around the world. If it didn't exist engineers would be using shitty mailing lists or figuring out things themselves.

                                    Boss: So you're telling me that because Stack Overflow is down you need to take a break? and I hired you because you know how to search a website that anybody in the world can access? Why am I paying you so much?

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                                      From the show Silicon Valley. It means to get a donation for your project from a "bro" or "brogrammer." Previously used in non-developer circles to mean to get a loan from a friend in which the receiver has no intention of paying back that loan.

                                      "Let's get those bronations going."

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                                        No Free Lunch

                                        An expression known all to well to employees at Apple Inc, who are required to pay for their own lunch.

                                        Back at Google we'd get free food during all times of day, but here at Apple it comes out of my salary because there's no free lunch.

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