Adblock Competenacy Test

Checking to see if a person has enough basic knowledge to have installed adblock on their browser of choice.

After opening the link to the new Justin Bieber music video, George failed the Adblock Competency Test after waiting for a 30 second Honda commercial to end.

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    Toyota Prius

    Official car of the Bay Area due to the eco-friendly lifestyle in portrays. It is slowly being replaced by Tesla.

    Tim: You're in the 3 comma club why do you drive a Prius?
    Matt: Does your car get 46 MPG?

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      Swoop n' Poop

      When a stakeholder, manager, or client who has not been involved in the project drops into a meeting and adds extra functionality requirements or makes comments that change the scope.

      Everything was going fine until Chad came in out of no where and pulled a "Swoop n' Poop". Now we are three days until deadline and have to scrap the whole thing!

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        Short for: Undead developer
        See related: Undead

        A developer who is constantly in a braindead state, having become accustomed to a severe degree of apathy (causes may vary) and low motivation. Usually, groups of them are found in companies with a highly lucrative business model coupled with low competition in their segment of the industry.

        Identifiers: Unable to think, learn, or communicate despite repeated encouragement, instruction, and subsequent reprimanding.

        Some studies have shown that undev-ness is contractable, but the means by which it spreads continues to elude scientists.

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        Anyone who use personal computers only for writing, just like a typewriter machine.

        "Do you think he can upload these on the website?"
        "Nah, he's just a worder!"

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          Supporting a cause in the laziest way possible, usually on social media. You feel like you're helping without getting out of your chair.

          "I see in my feed you retweeted every single ice bucket challenge video. You should get an award for your slacktivism."

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          • yungsnuggie yungsnuggie

            this one's great

            almost 9 years ago
          • charlesjo charlesjo

            Thought this could be on Slack which would make audience even smaller. "I've done my part in the movement since I discussed it in my private Slack group."

            almost 9 years ago


          A mythical land where MBAs come into our world.

          "I just left McKinsey and moved to San Francisco"

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            Also known as "The Internet".

            Bill: "I'm currently working in Cloud-Based Employment Solutions Research."
            Ted: "Are you looking for a job on Craigslist?"
            Bill: "....yes."

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              US Bitcoin Legislative Arms Race

              This references the pressure Bitcoin startups have to show significant traction or get acquired before the United States outlaws the use of Bitcoin (whether this will or will not happen is of course debatable).

              Look man, because of the US Bitcoin Legislative Arms Race, our job is to make enough sales and sell out before the House and Senate make some extreme move in banning Bitcoin and making our company essentially worthless here in the US. I don't want to move to Greece man.

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                The Five Dollar Footlong Lean Startup Diet

                When a startup founder lives off of five dollar foot long sandwiches to save money for his or her early stage venture. They buy a single five dollar foot long subway sandwich, eat half of it in the afternoon and the other half at dinner.

                Since Julius is on the five dollar day long diet, he only eats footlong subway sandwiches everyday to conserve his companies startup money. It's kind of sad.

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                On Demand

                Another way of saying "for lazy people."

                Meals on demand. That's right, we're revolutionizing the way you get pizza.

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                  Jeremy Lin

                  The perfect child. A Harvard graduate and now a player in the NBA. He is often used in reference by parents (especially in Palo Alto where he went to High School) to "motivate" their child to do better in all aspects of life.

                  Krishna Lee: Mom, I got into UCLA!

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                    Facebook Reach

                    Facebook reach is the number of people that see posts from Facebook pages. Organic Facebook reach has dropped since Facebook made changes to their feed algorithm to encourage companies to buy ads promoting page posts.

                    It's almost pointless for our startup to promote our Facebook page because we will have to pay to get any Facebook reach.

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                    A company that sells groceries to the lazy, stock shares to the gullible, and cloud services to the lazy and gullible.

                    Amazon: because I want to buy my underwear and Redis clusters from the same company.

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                      Tinder Binge

                      When a person spends immense amount of time swiping right, in an attempt to get any match available regardless of attraction.

                      Ever since I've broken up with Mary, I've been on a Tinder binge trying to find someone...anyone.

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                        My Code is Compiling

                        An excuse engineers use to do whatever the hell they want in the workplace.

                        Jimmy: Dude why are you riding your bike indoors, listening to Daft Punk with the speakers blasted, without any pants on?
                        Lewis: My code is compiling.

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                          The Zuckerberg Like

                          When a Facebook employee reaches a major life milestone and Mark Zuckerberg has acknowledged their existence by liking their Facebook profile picture. This normally happens after their team pushes a major feature onto the Facebook web or mobile client..

                          I've been working at Facebook as a Product Manager for 3 years and I've finally gotten the Zuckerberg like. I nearly fainted. I'm going to work here until I'm dead.

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                            One Dollar Billionaire

                            Refers to the $1 a year salary that a lot of founders and top executives take on for tax benefits. It's also because who really cares about salary when you have a billion dollars.

                            Mark Zuckerberg: I make $1 a year. You know what that means

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                              VC Money

                              Modern day Robinhood.
                              Taking money from your parent's retirement pension and redistributing it to early adopters of technology in Silicon Valley.

                              Friend 1: "How do you have so many free meals from Munchery? Have you ever paid for a single meal?"
                              Friend 2: "Nope. VC Money"

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                                Silicon Beach

                                The area around Playa Del Rey/Venice where a fuckload of tech companies are moving in. Synonymous with brogrammers and people that wear startup t-shirts in public.

                                Brogrammer Intern 1: "These new start-up tanks are clutch! Silicon Beach is the fucking bomb dot com!"

                                Brogrammer Intern 2: "Shakabrah dude let's get SugarFish later then hit up the Bungalow since we're rich and gentrifying LA!"

                                Brogrammer Intern 1: "Tubular brah let me shave my neckbeard first then we can get hyphy for real my friend"

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