Generally refers to when you push bad code to production and you want to undo your changes by rolling back to a previous release

I've made a huge mistake. Do a rollback

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Ballmer Peak

Discovered by Microsoft in the late 80's, somehow a blood alcohol content between 0.129% and 0.138% confers superhuman programming ability.

Alice: "The Ballmer Peak is a delicate effect requiring careful calibration. You can't just give a team of coders a year's supply of whiskey and tell them to get cracking.

Bob: "Has that ever happened?"

Alice: "Remember Windows ME?"

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Legacy Code

Legacy code is source code that relates to a no-longer supported, manufactured operating system or other computer technology.

To punish Lewis, the senior engineer decided to make him read and edit legacy code for an entire week.

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X for Y

A way entrepreneurs use to describe their startup to customers and investors so they can quickly grasp how their product works. It is done by comparing your startup to another successful company that likely pioneered its business model.

My startup is Airbnb for cars = people can borrow your car when you are not using it
My startup is Uber for food = food will be delivered to you on demand
My startup is Urban Dictionary for Silicon Valley = svdictionary.com

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An acronym used in forums referring to Paul Graham, founder of Y Combinator and creator of Hacker news. He spends his time tweeting about how much Y Combinator has grown and describing the perfect founder in a similar way that Cosmopolitan magazine describes the perfect man or woman.

I read a PG essay talking about how the perfect founder has an engineering degree, is always hungry, and lives with his founders in the same apartment. After graduating from Stanford,, we now live in Palo Alto in a one bedroom apartment without any food in the fridge other than raw ramen payed for using the profits of our company in which we are the only customers of.

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An internet exchange currency originally used on Silk Road that silicon valley entrepreneurs and investors don't want failing because their startup revolves around it. These same people rarely use it on a day to day basis.

Jimmy: My startup lets you pay for ice cream using Bitcoin.
Jerry: Awesome, as the founder of a Bitcoin company how many Bitcoins do you actually own?
Jimmy: 0

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Man Jose

Man Jose refers to the city of San Jose, located within Silicon Valley, which contains a large number of male Software Engineers.

Sam: Why can't I find a nice girl to go out with?
Mark: What did you expect? You live in Man Jose.

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CS Fix My Shit Fallacy

The false assumption that anyone who can code or has a computer science degree can fix your computer or any household electronics.

Marco: Hey you study Computerz at that fancy university don' you? Could you fix my toaster?

Julian: Hell no. Why would I know how to do something like that.

Marco: Because computerz are basically more advance toasterz.

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The Rift

A title given to denote virtual reality. Popularized by people who have spent immense amounts of time in an Oculus Rift headset and were unable to fully communicate the things they had seen and experienced while present in what they consider a different realm.

Recruiter: Why should we hire you for our VR division?

Jack: Aye. In my time I have seen many things in the Rift. Things the likes of you, could never imagine...

Recruiter: Why are you crying?

Jack: I held my virtual daughter in my arms as the light vanished from her eyes. I fought dragons in Russia trying to protect the refugees of a city that's now burnt to the ground. I spent almost two years in isolation in the Rift reading about the ancient tombs of Java Script and Lisp. I'm hoping that this position will help me forget about my past. My time in the Rift.

Recruiter: Why am I crying...

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Technical Debt

Reason you give for not shipping shit

We have a bunch of technical debt we have to work resolve before we can ship X new feature

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This is Uber

What a passenger will say to turn down their Uber driver when he attempts to start a conversion or expects a fist bump. This happens because of the high percentage of Uber drivers that also drive for Lyft.

Driver: Man the weather is really nice today. Where are you headed?
Chris: This is Uber.

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Brain Rape

Intellectual property robbery thinly disguised as acquisition talk. Usually committed by a big company on a startup. Yelp got brainraped by Google back in the day.

Erlich: They're brainraping us right?
Gerald: They definitely are.
Erlich: Shit!

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FOMO = an acronym for "Fear of Missing Out"

The team was exhausted from attending/pitching at multiple conferences during the same week, but pressed on- motivated by FOMO that their dream angel investor might be present.

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Rental Property

The only real way to make money in Silicon Valley.

Owning Silicon Valley rental property sure beats working for a living!

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We failed. Now, we're starting over, possibly with something completely different.

We started out by building a SoLoMo network for hermits. We've now pivoted to becoming the Uber of door-to-door encyclopedia sales.

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Social + Local + Mobile; interachangeable with LoSoMo, LoMoSo, MoSoLo, MoLoSo or SoMoLo.

In other words - a company who's product is generic as fuck!


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Post Silicon Valley Move Stress Disorder (PSVMSD)

What an investment banker experiences after moving to Silicon Valley because he is no longer at the top of the totem pole.

Lloyd: The other day I was talking to this girl when suddenly this nerdy Facebook employee starts talking to her, not even Mark, just a regular employee... and then she completely ignores me. I work in finance. I repeat, I work in finance. I miss New York.

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Vestigial Code

A code probably once served a purpose, but doesn't anymore. You're afraid of removing it because after years it just looks right the way it is.

In evolutionary biology vestigial organs are the ones an organism probably once used but no longer serve a purpose today.

James: Dude help me debug my new one button app, "Dude."
Zeeshan: What is all this? None of it serves a purpose.
James: It's vestigial code that makes gives me confidence when making something new. I've just built everything on top of my dayspan code from freshman year until now. I commented it out, don't worry.
Zeeshan: You're a terrible human being, you know that?

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The suffix you add/integrate with any noun to make it sound instantly cooler!

Please see - intrapreneur, wantrepreneur, recesspreneur, solopreneur, mompreneur, dadpreneur, infopreneur and...

This - http://www.forbes.com/sites/kevinkruse/2015/06/22/employee-engagement-strategy/

Person A - Man my life sucks
Person B - Why?
Person A - Because I'm broke, unemployed, lost my wife, kids hate me, and worst of all! Everyone thinks I'm a total loser on Twitter, they're calling me #loserAndy
Person B - Aw shucks my friend, that totally sucks... how about we turn that frown upside down shall we? Instead of calling yourself a loser Andy, start calling yourself a loserpreneur! At least you've got nothing to lose! #loserpreneur

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Escape Velocity

Speed at which meaningless buzzwords escape the lips of Pebble-wearing hipster entrepreneurs and Fitbit-wearing overweight VCs, when talking about rapidly growing start ups. Currently clocked at an average of 240 wpm.

VC: How do you plan to achieve your projected engagement numbers?
Entrepreneur: We plan to hack together a MVP by leveraging weekly Scrums and neutralize our burn r...
VC: I think you just achieved escape velocity.

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